Description of the project:

The project involved the reconstruction, adaptation and change of purpose of the historic building of the former synagogue in Buk so that it would meet cultural and social needs. Additionally, the project included the purchase of the necessary equipment for the facility and development of the adjacent area. Currently, the ground floor of the building is occupied by a multifunctional room. There is a possibility of changing the interior arrangement in case of this room. Depending on particular needs, it can serve as a conference and concert hall for up to 100 people or an exhibition room with mobile partition walls. The room was equipped with folding chairs, a movable screen, projector, sound system and folding platform. Moreover, a cloakroom was built on the ground floor. The entresol is intended exclusively for the purposes of the permanent exhibition. Space for modern exhibition was created in this area and it was equipped with showcases used for storing exhibits from the exhibition titled “Town and Water – shared history”, an interactive multimedia book that allows visitors viewing digitized exhibits and historical materials, a screen, and a children's corner with provided with boxes, cushions and educational elements. What is more, as part of the project, a digitization workshop was created, it is used for archiving the resources of documents, prints, publications and family heirlooms constituting to the cultural heritage of the region.

Detailed information:




WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 4 320 413,93 

EU contribution:

PLN 2 499 859,60

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