Project description:

Swarzędz History and Art Centre was created in an old fire station, adapted for museum purposes as part of the Swarzędz Participatory Budget for 2017 and a project co-financed with WROP 2014+ in the years of 2017–2018. The Centre is a place presenting the history and cultural diversity of Swarzędz. The mission of the Centre is collecting, protection and promotion of spiritual and material cultural heritage of the region. Its basic tasks include also dissemination of knowledge on the traditions and monuments in the commune, a rich history of carpentry, as well as bring the works of local artists closer to the residents. A visit in the Centre encourages dialogue with culture and is a strong motivation to its further exploration. Its rich educational programme (museum lessons for pupils in various age groups, workshops, regularly organised lectures), exhibition activity (permanent and temporary exhibition) and the diversity of forms of communication (traditional display cases and multimedia presentations) make favourable conditions for recipients of different age to participate in culture. The Centre encourages to visit and see the collection, take a virtual walk through the old Swarzędz, search for familiar places on a model, build a virtual piece of furniture and impersonate a firefighter.

Detailed information:




WROP 2014+


European Regional Development Fund.

Total value of the project:

PLN 3,969,892.15

EU Contribution:

PLN 2,180,799.80

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