Project description:

The objective of the project consisted of the adaptation of buildings located at ul. Taczaka in Poznan (consisting of the tenement house renovation) to meet the cultural aims of the Polish Dance Theatre as well as supply  and install the equipment. The front building from the 19th century was renovated as part of the investment scheme and one added a studio room with an area of approx. 365 square metres. The room is located in a four-story building in the courtyard of the tenement house. The aforementioned premises can accommodate approx. 130 guests in an amphitheatre layout and 180 in a horizontal layout. The ground floor space, so called Small Studio, together with the foyer, is to serve as location for workshops, film, educational and exhibition projects. The courtyard of the building is to host summer shows concerning performance related activities. The administrative and staff sections are located in the renovated tenement house. Moreover, one planned a place to open a cafe. The basement rooms were transformed into a server room and archive as well as a gym and treatment rooms. Architectural barriers that could prevent individuals with disabilities from accessing the cultural offer were removed in the buildings as part of the project.

Beneficiary: Polish Dance Theatre


WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 21 726 619.49 

EU contribution:

PLN 8 024 981.74 

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