Project description:

The purpose of the project is to integrate various forms of public communication within the territory of Luboń and encouraging residents to change their individual means of transportation into the collective public transport. The development of low-emission system of public transport is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of air in the town. In order to reach the goal set, the Luboń municipality performs a series of activities as part of the project. 5 low-emission buses were purchased (including 3 hybrid buses) and an automatic car wash will be built for the service of bus fleet. The buses will operate bus routes transporting passengers to the Luboń transport interchange. The most important element of the project is the construction of an integrated transport interchange in Luboń with a car park P&R, B&R, K&R along with the accompanying infrastructure and drainage system (storm water drainage in Dworcowa Street – the length of approx. 900 m) including the construction of a cycling path (length: 370 m), exits and lighting (11 LED street lights), construction and reconstruction of pavements, reconstruction of a bus bay, demolition of a building and land development with street furniture. An approx. 400 m long fragment of Wschodnia Street will also be built along with a pavement and cycling path, which will constitute an access road from a big housing estate to the ITI. Another, integral element of the investment will be the launch of a city bike system which will be operated by 3 stations equipped with 30 city bikes.

The implementation of comprehensive activities will contribute to the popularisation of a more effective public and non-motorised transport and, thus, reduction of use of passenger cars. The concentration of the public transport system in Luboń around the rail transport, which is considered the most environmentally friendly one, will also bring positive environmental results.

Detailed information:


Luboń municipality


WROP 2014+


European Regional Development Fund.

Total value of the project:

PLN 18,792,586.63

EU Contribution:

PLN 13,017,904.15

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