Project description:

The project assumed the conservation and restoration of the existing historic mansion located in Koźminek and the aforementioned conservation resulted in a change in the manner of use. Consequently, the mansion is used as a centre of culture and hosts non-governmental organizations. It provides the following services: cultural, educational, training, social services. Moreover, it is possible to hold integration meetings there. The scope of works connected to the revitalization of the mansion was as follows: construction works, electrical works, sanitary works, telecommunication works (fire protection system, anti-burglary system).The revitalization of the mansion and the previously realised restoration of the park layout resulted in creation of a significant tourist attraction, a location which attracts tourists from entire Wielkopolska Region. What is more, eager tourists visit Koźminek commune due to the opportunity to discover the history and heritage of the aforementioned area. The comprehensive restoration of the park and the revitalization of the mansion together with equipping it with new social and cultural functions is to increase the interest and improve the image of the commune.

Detailed information:

Beneficiary: Koźminek Commune


WRPO 2014+


European regional development fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 3 250 000.00 

EU contribution:

PLN 1 682 386.69 

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