Project description:

The subject of the project was conservation, revitalization and modernization of the Palace and Park Complex in Lewków in the commune of Ostrów Wielkopolski. The material scope of the project included:

1. Conservation, restoration and modernization of the palace and park complex in Lewków (60 Kwiatkowska Street) - purchase of equipment and construction works;

2. Promotion of the project.

The scope of construction works included: 1. Expansion and reconstruction of the "wagon house" building into a building with technical rooms for the palace, exhibition halls for temporary exhibitions and a commercial catering kitchen

2. Reconstruction of the "western outbuilding" into a building with multi-functional rooms (administration / exhibition preparation studios - ground floor) and accommodation for the needs of the museum (first floor) and extension with a historic orangery and an underground tunnel - connector;

3. Reconstruction of the "palace" into a museum building (ground floor), educational building (first floor), technical rooms (attic) and commercial catering services (cellars);

4. Reconstruction of the cooling house building;

5. Construction of a new fence;

6. Implementation of the necessary infrastructure along with land development;

7. Construction of internal roads, parking lots, sidewalks and paths;

8. Revalorization of the park with the necessary infrastructure and greenery project;

9. Purchase of facility equipment.

Implementation of the project resulted in: improvement of the technical conditions of the existing infrastructure, protection of the facility and its collections against fire, theft and further destruction, improvement of the availability of collections by providing additional space, creating and providing access to the hotel and catering base, and the creation of a Historical Education Center.


Museum in Lewków - Palace and Park Complex


WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total project value: 25 066 030.53 PLN

EU contribution: 14 449 999.98 PLN


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