Project description:

The subject of the project was the construction of the Children's Health Centre of Wielkopolska, after changing the name of the Wielkopolska Center for Pediatrics, together with the accompanying infrastructure and the purchase of equipment. The new hospital was constructed at Wrzoska, in the vicinity of the Provincial Hospital in Poznan, based on the existing communication conditions and utilities.

The Specialist Mother and Child Healthcare Team in Poznan is the entity responsible for the operation of the infrastructure created under the project. Wards from the buildings of hospitals and specialist clinics at Krysiewicza, Nowowiejska, Sporna streets and rehabilitation in Kiekrz were moved to the new hospital.

The hospital was designed divided into two parts: one of them is bed wards, and the other is a complex of diagnostic, emergency and treatment wards. Both are connected in the central part by a common communication space, with the main staircase and elevators. The part with beds was H-designed, with a narrow tract, enabling lighting of the rooms on both sides of communication routes. Single rooms, each with its own sanitary facility, are designed for 354 children and their guardians. In the second part, the heart of the hospital, on the ground floor - the HED, imaging diagnostics and the emergency room are planned, on the top floor there is the administration of the hospital. There were also state-of-the-art technological solutions: the hospital has a pneumatic post office and a robotic pharmacy that will automatically distribute medicines to patients. The hospital also includes laboratories, a canteen, a kitchen and a school.

The subject of the project was, in particular, the execution of construction works along with equipping the facility with medical and non-medical equipment. As a result of the construction of the Children's Health Centre of Wielkopolska, a pediatric Hospital Emergency Department was also established, which the Wielkopolska Region had not had.



Local Government of the Wielkopolska Region


WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund.

Total value of the project: 457 533 762.00 PLN

EU contribution: 237 055 731.67 PLN

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