Project description:

The subject of the project was the construction of a 9.953 km pedestrian and bicycle route on the Gołanice-Jezierzyce Kościelne-Krzyżowiec-Włoszakowice section, along with the organization of 8 transfer points located in Święciechów, Gołanice, Jezierzyce Kościelne, Krzyżowiec, Włoszakowice, Boszków-Letnisko, Pawłowice, Oporów. What is more, bicycle racks have been set up at the railway station in Leszno. Energy-efficient lighting with a power of up to 40 kW was installed in 6 transfer points. The construction of bicycle routes was accompanied by information and promotional activities aimed at the inhabitants of the Leszno poviat and the Leszno functional area. The activities were aimed at strengthening the residents' sense of the need to accept changes leading to the reduction of air pollution, mainly emitted by means of car transport. As part of the task, compensation was also paid for the acquisition of the ownership right to real estate intended for the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle route.



Leszno Poviat


WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund.

Total value of the project: 10 214 230.35 PLN

EU contribution: 6 593 677.74 PLN


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