Project description:

The project consisted of the reconstruction and expansion of a deteriorating museum building and enabled the creation of a modern Museum of the Zbąszyń Land and Kozło Region, managed by the Regional Center for Cultural Education and Cultural Animation. Zbąszyń and the surrounding communes (i.e. Zbąszynek, Kargowa, Siedlce, Babimost and Trzciel) form the so-called “kozioł region”. It is a musical instrument that resembles bagpipes in appearance and sound. The families involved in its construction still live in Zbąszyń, and the commune hosts regular folklore events with musicians who show off their playing skills.

As part of the task, new roofing was made, external walls of the facade were cleaned and gaps were filled, and windows and doors were replaced. Inside the existing building, ceilings were reinforced, electrical installations were replaced and a new gas installation was installed. The existing building serves primarily an exhibition function. New carvings in walls ensured that the circulation route was preserved during tours. In addition, an elevator was built to provide access for people with disabilities. At the yard side, a hall and a one-story building were added, it houses toilets, an office room, a conference room and workshop rooms. The museum was equipped with furniture and an innovative multimedia projector (interactive shows, remote exhibitions).

The new building has an area of 400 m2. It also has an internal courtyard intended for small, summer events and outdoor exhibitions. The facility focuses on modernity. A central server was installed that stored digitized materials regarding all six communes of the “kozioł region”. Visitors can not only experience the exhibits in reality, but also virtually. Educational activities are also carried out.




WROP 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 4 922 284.10 

EU contribution:

PLN 3 176 171.42

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