Project description:

The Visual Sensation Laser shows §technologies company from Krzycko Małe organizes multimedia-laser shows that provide setting for various events – conferences, stage performances or big mass events. The company have won prestige prizes that are awarded by ILDA (International Laser Display Association) – an international organization that brings together the laser branch from all over the world. Thus, the interest in the company’s services has increased. Therefore, to meet clients’ growing needs the company has undertaken an EU project, which objective was to introduce product, non-technological and process innovations. There have been the laser systems (with a power of 20W and of 5W), the projectors equipped with two lenses, the fountains with a fire, flame throwers at the distance of 5m as well as software for creating and displaying laser shows purchased by the beneficiary within the project. The company had also taken advantage of the co-financing in the previous financial perspective and there had been the “Innovative multimedia-laser shows” project carried out by the beneficiary at that time.

Detailed information:


Jarosław Nadolny Visual Sensation Laser shows §technologies


WRPO 2014+ [Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme]


European Regional Development Found

Total value of the project:

1 903 418,27 PLN

EU's contribution:

790 430,68 PLN

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