Project description:

The project concerned the Applicant's research and development work aimed at developing a new product, innovative even beyond Poland - a hybrid adhesive with low viscosity and relatively high adhesion: “Hybricx 75”, including the development of its application system.

The project assumed passive transfer, it included the implementation of the results of R&D works in the Applicant's own business.

The subject of the project included conducting R&D works and an investment task involving the purchase of research equipment.

Implementation of the project contributed to the development of cooperation and knowledge transfer between the Applicant and scientific units. It increased the innovation potential of CX80, as it enabled implementation of research, the result of which is an innovative technology and product, with the possibility of practical and cost-effective application, for the benefit of the natural environment. As a result of the project, a research and development unit was also developed.

Beneficiary: CX-80 POLSKA Agata Nadera, Dariusz Nadera sp. komandytowa

Program: WROP 2014+

Fund: European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project: PLN 2 126 126.87

EU contribution: PLN 1 055 950.90

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