Project description:

The project includes the purchase of ten 5-piece, electrical multiple unit Elf 2 48WE. Elf 2 is distinguished by modern design, both external and in the passenger space. It was designed bearing in mind functionalities increasing comfort when travelling. Spacious, air-conditioned interior equipped with comfortable seats, door separating vestibules from the passenger zones, a dynamic system of passenger information provided on electronic screens, an intercom ensuring communication between the train driver and passengers as well as a system of advertising display and passenger counting. Elf 2 is equipped with internal and external monitoring with a preview and record in the train driver’s cabin, as well as modern online diagnostic systems enabling monitoring the work of the most important components of the vehicle on an ongoing basis limiting the possibility of any failure to minimum and shortens the response time of the services.

There is an ETCS system, level 2, baseline version 3.4.0. installed in the train. It enables operation with the use of constant, digital, bi-directional radio transmission through devices adjusted to the operation of a digital radio channel GSM-R. The exploitation speed of the train is 160 km/h and the number of seats is 286.

Detailed information:




WROP 2014+


European Regional Development Fund.

Total value of the project:

PLN 278,453,550

EU Contribution:

PLN 192,427,250

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