Project description:

The project consists of three investments:

1) Reconstruction, expansion (aimed at replacing existing farm buildings) and change of the manner of usage of a gothic house, so called “Confectionery” so that it could serve a public utility function - a public library and construction of an openwork wall,

2) Thermal modernization together with the reconstruction and change concerning the manner of using the former railway station building to serve cultural purposes in the town of Opatówek,

3) Reconstruction of the surface of the manoeuvring square at ul. Poniatowski in the town of Opatówek.

Gothic house, so called Confectionery: the building has been restored back to its 19th-century appearance. The renovation included enlarging the window portals. In addition to the renovation of the facade, the interior of “confectionery”  was reconstructed and adapted so that it could be used as a library. The necessary equipment was purchased thanks to the project. The cellars in the building were adapted to meet the needs of hosting the book collection. The rooms are air-conditioned. Moreover, a courtyard was built. The meetings with authors will be organized in this very location in the summer.

The building consists of 4 blocks of various sizes and heights. There are pinnacles in the corner square part. One can notice traces of large Gothic windows which were bricked up. There is the coat of arms of the Zajączek family – “piglet” made of sandstone on the front wall. It used to house a kindergarten of the National Women's Organization during the interwar period, then it was turned into a sweets factory. It was used as a residential building after the war.





WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 3,052,648.23

EU contribution:

PLN 1,421,313.00

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