Project description:

The project consisted of the development of Plac Pocztowy in Trzcianka, accompanied by the establishment of the Centre for Social Integration and the development of the Municipal Market Place. The leading objective included the establishment of the Centre for Social Integration. The construction of the building of the Centre for Social Integration aims at stimulating the development of the local community by supporting grassroots initiatives of residents and projects which are to activate and integrate various social groups, especially individuals at risk of exclusion. To meet the aforementioned objective, the facility has been made available to social economy entities and informal groups. What is more, a coherent, functional and open urban space was created as a result of the modernization of Plac Pocztowy and Targowisko Miejskie. This space hosts the social, cultural and economic life of Trzcianka. As part of the project, new parking spaces were created, one improved the infrastructure of the marketplace and the road infrastructure around the square underwent modernization.

Beneficiary: Trzcianka Commune


WRPO 2014+


European regional development fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 21 678 142.48

EU contribution:

PLN 11 230 207.89 

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