Project description:

The company Neptis S.A. – standing behind, among others, the success of Yanosik - the most popular system in Poland informing drivers about the current traffic situation – as part of this project, has developed an IT system that is innovative on a global scale. The project defines the individual DRIVER PROFILE. The profile is a descriptive assessment of the driving style of a driver in terms of its behaviour on a road. During the project, thousands of parameters were being analysed from various fields which have a direct or indirect impact on road safety, e.g. weather conditions, road quality or individual personality characteristics of the driver. The solutions developed within the DRIVER PROFILE project are based, among others, on Big Data analyses, may be widely used, for instance, by entities operating in the insurance industry, state and public offices, road network management institutions, companies from the automotive and logistics and transport industries. Thanks to the many possibilities of using the DRIVER PROFILE, it may significantly facilitate moving around more and more congested cities and help create many tools to improve safety on Polish roads. An example of the application of this project are telematics motor insurance, the premium of which is calculated on the basis of driving style. Furthermore, safely and responsibly driving drivers may count on a very attractive offer.

Detailed information:

Beneficiary: Neptis. S.A.

Programme: WROP 2014+

Fund: European Regional Development Fund.

Measure: 1.2. The strengthening of the innovative potential of Wielkopolska Region enterprises

Field: Companies development.

Total value of the project: PLN 4 643 309,74

Contribution of the EU: PLN 2 065 815,12

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