Description of the project:

Wilka Sp. z o.o. is a family-run company with traditions dating back to 1865. It is a well-known manufacturer of door locks: evacuation, profile and wooden; cylinder inserts for keys, electronic inserts, as well as catch plates and fittings. The priorities of the Company's future policy are innovative solutions being a response to the needs of the market. The objective of the EU project implemented by the company Wilka sp. z o.o was to increase its competitiveness by introducing innovative products that are the result of research and development works into the offer. The first task under the project was to create a research and development centre in a separate part of the plant, purchase of research and quality control equipment and employment of R + D staff. As part of the second stage of the project, product innovation has been developed – a 26.5 mm cylinder insert awarded with a C Premium security class based on the PR 130 key. Also, products of Master Key systems and systems with a C Premium security class for a cylinder length from 30 mm upwards have been improved. The Company has commercialized the results of research by implementing the results of work to the production activity. Ultimately, the Company's offer has been complemented with a special key and a lock mechanism adjusted to it, which task is to protect against “professional” burglars using the “Bumping” method, i.e. the art of manipulating the cylinder lock with a suitably crafted key.

Detailed information:

Beneficiary: Wilka Polska Sp. z o.o.

Programme: WROP 2014+

Fund: European Regional Development Fund.

Measure: 1.2. The strengthening of the innovative potential of Wielkopolska Region enterprises

Field: Companies development.

Total value of the project: PLN 2 929 879,37

Contribution of the EU: PLN 690 645,07

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