Project description:

The project resulted in the establishment of a modern research and development centre devoted to innovative packaging. One purchased, among other things, equipment suitable for precise cutting and creasing of cardboard sheets, equipment used for measuring the strength of packages as well as packaging response to the change of air humidity. One gained new knowledge in the field of test methodology as part of industrial research thanks to  using a research station. The aforementioned knowledge refers to the processes of cutting and creasing corrugated cardboard and packaging prototyping (aimed at indicating the most optimal parameters of creasing), creasing wheel structure (with application of profiled rubbers in order to distribute pressure in an even manner) and the air-conditioning process concerning waste paper in conditions of increased humidity and its influence on the strength of the material. The company cooperates with research units, technical and artistic universities. The creative cooperation is aimed at introducing solutions and products to the market that are to serve as a response to the changing habits and expectations of consumers as good design, durability and strength is significant from the perspective of customers. The company has developed a unique material creasing technology applied in the production of corrugated cardboard packaging.

Beneficiary: POSKŁADANI.PL  A.T. Nowak Spółka Jawna, Poznan


WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 1 097 080.1

EU contribution:

PLN 1 999 763.61

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