Project description:

The project assumption was to change the location of the historic windmill. It was moved to Olenderski Open-Air Museum in Prusim. Moreover, the project involved its renovation, conservation and adaptation to serve cultural purposes by establishing a milling museum. The objective of the project was to preserve, protect, promote and develop the cultural heritage of the aforementioned region.

The windmill stands on a 7 x 7 m base. It is 18.9 m high together with the windmill wings - propellers. Without propellers it is 12.6 m. The propellers themselves have a span of 18 m. There are three floors in the windmill. One needed about 70 m3 of wood to build it.

What is more, the project included: installation of an alarm and monitoring system, recording of a film documenting the work connected to the relocation and maintenance of the windmill, a multimedia presentation devoted to the history of the windmill, purchase and commissioning of an info kiosk, purchase of the necessary technical equipment designated for the mill. In addition, the area around the windmill was developed by: hardening the area (1150 m2), lighting the area and the interior of the windmill (lamps equipped with solar panels: 8 external, 10 internal ;amps), fencing (80 meters), purchase of benches (10 sets), purchase of boards marking historical locations.

The history of the rebuilt windmill is fascinating as it dates back to 1754. It was built in the original version in Przysiołek Sowa (today Władysławowo) that very year. In 1930 it was rebuilt based on another paltrak type windmill from Noć they purchased. This windmill was originally built near Lake Gopło in 1880. Noć windmill, on the other hand, was previously used as a floating mill operating on Lake Gopło. It was located on a barge and reached the surrounding villages. It was used by local farmers to grind grain.

Detailed information:

Beneficiary: Foundation Olandia Prusim near Kwilcz


WRPO 2014+


European regional development fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 632 868.00 

EU contribution:

PLN 437 401.49 

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