Description of the project:

The realization of the discussed project facilitated the organization of a direct connection of local roads with existing investment areas situated within the Special Economic Zone as well as the improvement of the level of safety on the roads in question  and making the road network operating within the city more consistent. The authorities carried out the following works as part of the investment: installation of light and sound signalling, construction of pavements and bicycle routes, surface drainage, vertical and horizontal marking. What is more, the project involved dismantling the existing pumping station with a sand pit and establishment of a new pumping station as well as disassembling the existing lighting fittings with poles together with a power cable and replacement of the aforementioned devices with LED lighting. Widening the viaduct clear span, its deepening and construction of new retaining walls to adapt to the parameters so that they would meet regulations which are currently in force constituted the most awaited investment. Previously, alternative traffic was the only form of movement available under the viaduct. Moreover, the road used to be flooded due to heavy rains. The project has contributed to shortening the time spent on covering the discussed distance, improving the vehicle traffic and eliminating traffic obstructions, increasing the level of travel comfort and ensuring convenient communication conditions both for pedestrians and cyclists.




WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 37.069.618,09 

EU contribution:

PLN 17.885.172,82

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