Project description:

This place was created in 1969 thanks to a community effort. It was when an institution realising tasks in the field of culture launched its operation there. Later a library was placed on the first floor of the building. Cultural institutions had operated in this location for nearly 50 years and  the building itself had not undergone significant modernization nor renovation. Consequently, there are numerous cracks in the walls of the building and the roof structure is damaged. The technical condition of the roof resulted in the exclusion of the use of a part of the building - the only auditorium available in the commune due to the decision of the Construction Supervision Body. The communication routes did not meet the fire safety standards, the building suffered due to numerous architectural barriers (the floor was accessible exclusively through a narrow staircase). In connection to what has been stated above, one planned a comprehensive expansion and reconstruction of the facility with the use of EU funds. The implementation contributed to the increase of the surface and making the usable space more attractive. This, in turn, provided new functions and forms of activity which were previously unavailable or significantly limited in the commune. Due to the reconstruction of the external driveway, the construction of an internal lift and the change of communication systems, the building has no architectural barriers. Consequently, it became suitable for visitors regardless their  age and mobility. The replacement of obsolete installations and the application of appropriate technologies improved the safety and ergonomics of the building. The designed large spaces, glazing combined with a simple modern arrangement and functionality made it an aesthetic and cosy place. Moreover, it initiated a wide range of cultural initiatives addressed to the residents of Wielkopolska Region (Greater Poland). Due to the communication location of Opalenica (near the A2 motorway and provincial road 307, on a railway line connected to Berlin-Warsaw route), the project recipients include residents of the Opalenica Commune (16,303 people), neighbouring communes as well as the entire region.

Detailed information:

Beneficiary: the Culture Centre and the Library in Opalenica


WRPO 2014+


European regional development fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 3.993.422.61 

EU contribution:

PLN 1.788.961.54

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