Project description:

The EU programme being carried out by the District Family Assistance Centre [PCPR] in Szamotuły meets the needs of the residents of Szamotuły district who are facing the threat of social exclusion. Almost 400 persons have been successfully provided with support so far within the initiative, where the aid is aimed at people with disabilities, foster families and families in difficulty in particular. The support covers, among others, personal assistants’ of people with disabilities services, access to the rehabilitation equipment rental, professional, individual expert advice of psychologists, lawyers, speech therapists, and also classes at the “School for Parents”, which limit the risk of placing children in foster families. The personal assistants’ aid being provided helps disabled persons to become independent and prevents from placing them in nursing homes. The crucial part of the project is to provide a person who leaves an orphanage or foster family with an accommodation in an assisted living home. These persons are to, in natural conditions, with the assistance of the PCPR’s employees, participate in the so called “accommodation training” which is a preparation for living on their own within a society. Learning of planning life tasks while taking into account social, educational and professional environment regarding young people is to be provided, among others, within the training. The apartment for 3 residents has been purchased, furnished and fully equipped in order to carry out that specific task. Conveniently located, functionally and pleasantly arranged apartment is to make it easier for persons who wouldn’t be able to manage on their own if it wasn’t for an institutional support to become adults. The project has been carried out with the 3 partners: Town-Municipal Social Welfare Centre in Wronki, Social Welfare Centre in Szamotuły and AKME Found.

Detailed information:


Szamotuły district


WRPO 2014+ [Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme]


European Social Found

Total value of the project:

2 622 808,36 PLN

EU's contribution:

2 229 387,10 PLN

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