Project description:

The project consisted of the reconstruction, extension and renovation of the building constituting the seat of the Cultural Centre “Scena jest dziwna” (“A peculiar stage”). Moreover, the activities included land development, small architecture and technical infrastructure. The main material scope of the project covered the building reconstruction and the extension of the existing workshop rooms, renovation of the technical infrastructure and the external stage, installation of a lift designated for people with disabilities and dealing with the surface around the building. As regards the reconstruction, it covered the change of the functional layout of the interior as well as adapting the facility to meet the needs of cultural institutions. The building hosts, among others, a recording studio as well as auditorium, conference, rehearsal and exhibition halls. The building was adapted to meet the needs of visually and hearing impaired individuals as well as people with disabilities thanks to changing the use of individual rooms and making them more modern by adding new devices. Consequently, people who visit the cultural centre can use each room. Moreover, the project includes the purchase of equipment. The following groups have their seats in the Cultural Centre: “Gniezno” Folk Dance Group and “Metrum” mixed choir.

Beneficiary: Culture Centre “SCENA TO DZIWNA” (“A PECULIAR STAGE)


WRPO 2014+


European regional development fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 5 495 123.92 

EU contribution:

PLN 4 437 349.76 

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