Project description:

The Stanisław Staszic Museum is a cultural institution that collects, develops and stores cultural goods related directly or only indirectly to the person of Staszic and the Staszic tradition, conducts scientific research, exhibitions and educational activities. The building is entered in the register of monuments of the Wielkopolska Region.

The aim of this project was to protect, preserve, secure and increase the attractiveness and improve the conditions for the functioning of the historic building, eliminate as many functional shortcomings of the Museum as possible, while assuming the least possible interference in the historical shape of the building.

The scope of the project included the following tasks:

- Preparatory work: preparation of expert opinions, disassembly of redundant walls or parts of them, removal of plaster, disassembly of sanitary and technical equipment.

- Construction works: lowering the floors in the basement with horizontal insulation, making concrete floors, drying the walls of the basement, replacing window joinery (wooden, casement windows) and doors, making a technical floor in the attic, changing the attic hatch to a model with a retractable ladder, dismantling floors on the ground floor and attic, acoustic filling of the ceiling above the ground floor, construction of new floors for the ground floor and attic, construction of new external stairs, including the carving of a new external entrance, in the new entrance area, installation of an external lift for the disabled.

- Installations: liquidation of the existing gas boiler room and connection to the Municipal Thermal Energy, construction, based on the new connection, of a heating system and installation of a cassette heat exchanger, construction of a toilet in the space of the boiler room adapted for use by people with disabilities, and a niche for a cassette heating substation, construction of new water and sewage installations, clearing the existing chimney ducts, fire protection and possible repair of the exposed roof and ceiling structure, installation of new damp and thermal insulation in the roof and on the ceiling between the garret and the attic, replacement of radiators, installation of mechanical ventilation, supply and exhaust with the central unit (location in the attic), supplementation of gravity ventilation, installation of a cooling system, modernization of internal installations: electrical, lighting, low-voltage (smoke detection system, alarm system, telecommunication, monitoring), repair or replacement of sanitary sewage connections, replacement of lighting.

- Conservation works: maintenance and strengthening wooden ceiling beams above the ground floor, repair of internal plaster, painting of the entire interior, renovation of the existing wooden shutters, renovation of external plaster and dummy half-timbered construction, renovation of internal stairs from the basement to the ground floor (in the case of deepening the basement, adding a missing step), renovation / construction of new stairs to the attic and external stairs of the entrance side.

The main part of the project was implemented in the “design and build” formula.


Program: WROP 2014+

Fund: European regional development fund

Total value of the project: PLN 1 663 490.00 

EU contribution: PLN 1 326 586.50

The photo shows the building of the Stanisław Staszic Museum from the garden.

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