Description of the project:

The project involved the implementation of numerous tasks concerning municipal transport. The aforementioned tasks were connected to the implementation of low-emission initiatives (e.g. purchase of environmentally friendly buses), installation of transport infrastructure (ticket machines, bus stops, electronic boards), development of the intelligent traffic management system (ITS). A new interchange centre was established together with a traffic supervision building, bus stop and bus parking spaces. A city bike system was established and 6.44 km of new bicycle routes were created. The authorities purchased nine low-emission buses with a capacity of 675 people. A “park and go” car park was established, it consists of 37 parking spaces, this includes 2 spaces for the disable. Moreover, “Bikemap; Ride” facility was built. It houses 15 parking spaces. 1,158 energy-saving street lighting lamps were installed. The project resulted in the reduction of congestion in the city by limiting individual means of transport and, consequently, prioritizing public transport as a form of transport in case of residents. The aforementioned activities undoubtedly have had an impact on reducing air pollution in the city.




WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 39.189.853,88    

EU contribution:

PLN 28.868.065,89  

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