Project description:

The library in Leszno was established in a 19th-century tenement house at Jana Metziga Square.

Adaptation of the former school building into the new library took two years. The old, 19th-century red brick building has undergone a great transformation and resembles a modern office building. According to the project, a modern building was added to the former Prussian-era school building, and both parts were connected by wide, glass corridors.

On the ground floor, in the added part of the library, there is an exhibition room equipped with many multimedia screens. In the former school building there is a reading room and a library for adults. On the next floor there is a concert hall with an auditorium constructed in such a way that it can be unfolded and folded if necessary. There are also rentals for teenagers and children.

All rooms are spacious and comfortable for readers. The facility also has a digitization workshop, an audiovisual room and a beautiful courtyard with many benches.

Individual floors of the building are connected by an elevator, it is a great convenience for seniors, people with disabilities and parents with strollers. The most impressive, however, is the viewing point on the library's roof, from which you can admire the city panorama. There is no elevator available, you have to climb the stairs.

The library conducts activities for the community that go far beyond book lending, such as: exhibitions, concerts, workshops, meetings with authors, integration activities, summer day camps for children, there is also an incubator for social economy entities and a meeting place.


Leszno Town


WROP 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 25 026 099.26 

EU contribution:

PLN 19 926 224.45

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