Description of the project

The project involved adaptation of unused rooms in a part of the tenement house located at ul. Kolejowa 24b and the ground floor of the city hall located at ul. Rynek 1 in Ostrów Wielkopolski so that they would serve cultural purposes. A multi-library was established in the tenement house located in the city centre - a place designated for cultural meetings and development of the local community. The ground floor of the town hall was adopted to serve permanent exhibitions: an exhibition imitating a fragment of a town street from the beginning of the 20th century and an exhibition decorated in the style of an old scafe (Museum Café).

The following works were realized as part of the project:

1. Multi-library (ul. Kolejowa 24b) special zones (cultural stops) were established in the building, e.g. devoted to music, technology, literature, film. The scope of works included the modernization of two floors without introducing major changes as regards hitherto functional layout as well as building structure. The works concerned the reconstruction and renovation of: walls, ceilings, floors, lintels, carpentry, ventilation, air conditioning, water and sewage system, heating, electrical installation as well as the construction of an elevator.

2. City Hall - as part of the investment, museum exhibitions were created: a former town street, reconstruction of a hairdresser's facility, a former cinema and cafe exhibition. The function of the ground floor has been changed: formerly it was a restaurant, now it serves museum purposes. The works concerned demolition and disassembly, reconstruction and modernization of ceilings, walls, floors, systems, lighting, exhibition elements, plumbing, central heating, electrical, mechanical ventilation, air conditioning, and evacuation routes. The adapted premises were equipped with multimedia equipment and software enabling the propagation of culture in a modern manner.

Detailed information:




WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 5.823.498,29

EU contribution:

PLN 4.889.623,16   

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