Project description:

Within the project, the plant was expanded by 296.24 m2 and a new technological line with equipment and software was purchased.

The new technological line enables the production of health-promoting chocolates of a new generation with a high cocoa content, without sugar (sucrose) and sweeteners, with modulators blocking bitter taste receptors. The company has implemented three new products: health-promoting chocolate with a high cocoa content without sugar and sweeteners with bitter taste blockers and two high-protein chocolates with a taste modulator and the addition of almond protein (for children) and with the addition of hemp seed protein (for active, obese, diabetic people). Products that are attractive in taste (not bitter) will provide active peptides, antioxidants and psychoactive ingredients contained in cocoa, they are important for health. In high-protein chocolates, the min. of 12% of the energy value comes from protein. Thanks to this technology, the product will be improved - bitter probiotic chocolate with a modulator that will reduce the bitter taste. Marketing innovations such as mobile applications were used in marketing communication. A QR code has been imprinted on each package of chocolate, the scanning of it will let children participate in an educational game promoting pro-health values of products and teaching about the principles of healthy eating. The application dedicated to people with diabetes will interactively provide nutritional information on the active compounds of chocolate, new functional properties of products and will enable access to a forum with advice for diabetics, etc., which is a novelty in the country. A technological line was purchased: a ball mill with a metal detector, a homogenizing cone, a sharpener, a device for pouring chocolate bars, a cooling chamber. The following equipment was also purchased: a dishwasher, a set of hall equipment: tables, trolleys, shelves and wardrobes, a set of office furniture, 2 laptops and 2 computers with Office software.


BARS Halina Kalemba, Włoszakowice, Leszno poviat


WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total project value: 2 008 497.74 PLN

EU contribution: 643 589.99 PLN


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