Project description:

The project involved the realisation an educational and information campaign devoted to sustainable forest management. Moreover, modernization of the infrastructure of Oborniki Forest Service was planned and carried out bearing in mind the needs of individuals with disabilities. As part of the campaign, the following actions were planned: cyclical educational campaigns, series of meetings organized in schools within the Oborniki poviat, pribted information and educational materials and Braille texts, competitions, TV, internet and billboard campaign, adaptation of existing educational materials to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities, preparation of new content for educational paths, bearing in mind the substantive assumptions of the campaign (the significance and use of forests, connection to the climate and protection of natural environment). The modernization activities included, among others, the following: the educational room on the second floor was equipped with an external lift for individuals with disabilities, educational facilities (rooms and paths) were equipped with devices suitable for individuals with visual impairments, and modern multimedia devices for presenting specific content together with the preparation of suitable software (concerning content), namely, two multimedia kiosks, an interactive screen, a screen with a short-focal projector, Virtual Look glasses with a model of a sawing machine.

As regards the modernization of the Forest Service facility and the existing educational infrastructure, a modern multimedia exhibition of the Chamber was made to present specific content, combined with a comprehensive interior arrangement, this includes a bathroom adapted to the needs of individuals with disabilities, and educational facilities (rooms and paths) were equipped with accessories and equipment suitable for individuals with sight and movement dysfunction. What is more, a demonstration installation of a 50 kW photovoltaic system was established. This resulted in the presentation of the use of renewable energy.


State Treasury - the State Forests Estate State Forests, Oborniki Forest Service


WRPO 2014+


European regional development fund

Total value of the project:

1. PLN 1 123 252.79

2. PLN 3 383 859.03

EU contribution:

1 PLN 621 491.80

2 PLN 2 335 039.16

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