Description of the project:

The main objective of the project was to increase the attractiveness of the City Hall constituting a significant material culture resource as far as the region was concerned. The aforementioned objective was to be realized thanks to investments aimed at protecting the condition of the city hall and making the premises available to wider audience. The project included comprehensive conservation, restoration and construction works which were to preserve and restore the historical architectural values ​​of the building entered into the register of historic monuments, located in the area of ​​the historic urban arrangement in Gniezno. The City Hall premises were rebuilt and assigned with new cultural and educational functions as part of the project. The following facilities were located on the ground floor: the Multimedia Room devoted to the History of the City of Gniezno, performing the function of the Concert and Exhibition Hall as well, the Cultural Information Centre with the Multimedia Room and the Registry Office. The Historical Cabinet of the President was established on the first floor along with the historical secretariat as well as the Multimedia Room devoted to the History of the City of Gniezno in reference to II Republic of Poland and the Crystal Concert Hall with facilities and the premises of the City Council Office. The remaining rooms were adapted so that they could be used as exhibition and workshop rooms. The following premises were established on the second floor: Chamber Music Hall with a Fireplace Hall together with their facilities and Artistic Creativity Rooms. The Chamber Auditorium Hall was equipped with multifunctional facilities together with technical infrastructure necessary for the organization of shows. Next to the Chamber Hall, there is the Fireplace Room with a separate kitchenette necessary for operating the premises, a communication route constituting their direct connection and access to the lift. Other premises were adapted to meet cultural and artistic needs. Exhibition rooms devoted to artistic creativity were established in the outhouse in the inner yard.

Detailed information:




WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 10.090.367,69 

EU contribution:

PLN 5.443.263,45 

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