Project description:

The purpose of the planned renovation, reconstruction and expansion of the buildings of the former tile Zduny tile factory was to restore the buildings to a good technical condition and introduce new functions enabling their further exploitation for the purposes of culture, education and tourism, as a center of the local tradition of stove fitting industry and craft, dating back to the mid-19th century. As a result of renovation and modernization activities, a complex of functional facilities was created, friendly to recipients, including people with disabilities, equipped with modern devices.

The scope of works concerned construction and conservation works, including: preparatory works related to the preparation of the site and facilities for construction works, construction works related to the extension, superstructure and reconstruction and adaptation of the facilities to new functions, construction works related to thermal insulation of building ceilings, internal installations and the necessary connections to the facilities, works related to the development of the plots. As part of the reconstruction, office, conference, residential, exhibition, museum and educational, and catering rooms were created. An amphitheater hall for meetings and theater workshops, a concert shell and a stage performance hall were also constructed.

As a result of the project, residents from neighboring communes or poviats have access to broadly understood culture (concerts, performances of music bands, thematic exhibitions, workshops, getting to know local traditions). The facilities attract entrepreneurs related to the ceramic and fireplace industry as well as tourists interested in the history of the ceramic industry in Poland. The following centers are being established in the newly established center: Ceramic Center for Artistic Crafts, the Museum of Tiling and the Museum of the Stove. It is a place where stove fitting workshops and ceramic classes are carried out as part of the activities of the Polish Tile Industry Guild located in the tile factory. Vocational workshops of the guild are organized in the revitalized buildings (by the Polish Tile Industry Guild, this organization is also based in the renovated building), and exams for journeymen and master degrees are held for people from all over Poland. International multi-art festivals are continued, referring to the heritage of the Zduny Land and the region of South Wielkopolska, the core is the International Ceramic Open Air, attracting sculptors from Poland and abroad.



Zduny Commune


WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project: 7 413 387.79 PLN

EU contribution: 5 560 040.84 PLN

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