Project description:

The subject of the project was to organize and develop the city's public space in order to give it new social, economic, cultural and recreational functions. For this purpose, recreational infrastructure was created in the northern part of the town island and in the riverside areas, including sports fields and rest areas. The area covered by the project was connected by building internal communication, including the construction of a pedestrian and bicycle footbridge over the Gwda River, it connected the northern part of the town island and the riverside area, walking paths and pedestrian and bicycle routes. The area has been illuminated and surveillance cameras have been installed, which has undoubtedly improved public safety in this part of the city. The whole is complemented by planting greenery, picnic areas, small architecture and infrastructure for family recreation. A diverse, generally accessible public space was created, attractive to residents of different ages and social status. The project reduced the occurrence of architectural barriers, enabling active and social integration of the elderly, people with disabilities and their families. The project is an element of a key project and a continuation of the "Piła tourist activity zone" project.



Piła commune


WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project: 20 730 576.1 PLN

EU contribution: 12 647 798.4 PLN

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