Project description:

Comprehensive reconstruction and modernization of the palace and park complex was realised as a part of the discussed project. The modernization of external and internal parts resulted in the replacement of an internal lift, purchase of a power generator and its installation, construction of the palace building, assembly of new electrical and sanitary installations, repair of the roof, replacement of the woodwork concerning the winter garden, reconstruction of the terrace, renovation of the facade, construction of a platform suitable for individuals with disabilities, modernization of the gastronomic lift, refurbishment of kitchen rooms and reconstruction of gastronomic lines, renovation of the boiler room, modernization of air conditioning and ventilation as well as sanitary sewage system.

The following buildings were modernized: pheasant house, coach house and gardener's house (modernization of bathrooms accompanied by the replacement of cabins). Moreover, the park was modernized (pathways, lights were supplemented, the bridge over the pond underwent reconstruction, one modernized the barbecue and related facilities), the retaining wall underwent repair, one renovated the balustrades around the palace and the moat. One constructed an outdoor gym and a playground. One completed the installation of photovoltaic and solar installations. The palace houses the Centre for European Integration. The aforementioned Centre carries out educational activities. Moreover, it organizes trainings, courses and conferences.

Beneficiary: Wielkopolska Region


WRPO 2014+


European regional development fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 9 625 008.61 

EU contribution:

PLN 5 779 999.99

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