Project description:

The project contributed to the revitalization of the town and covers the following areas: former oxygen plant at Nowa, Plac Zielony Rynek, recreational zones located in several housing estates and, to a small extent, supplementing road infrastructure. As part of the project, a building was constructed - the Center for Social Activation (Oxygen Plant), a four-storey building with an area of 1,400 m2, which includes, among others: a public library with a reading room, rooms for the needs of the Culture Center, a museum chamber, and a performance hall for 150 people. The Center for Social Activation hosts events organized by the Czempiń Commune and its subordinate units, e.g. therapeutic workshops, rehearsals and performances of choirs, orchestras and theatres. At the same time, the newly created infrastructure enables more frequent organization and conduct of preventive examinations. The building has been equipped with an elevator that facilitates communication for people with disabilities, the elderly and parents with prams. A photovoltaic installation has been installed in the Oxygen Plant, it will contribute to lower costs of electricity consumption, but also to a significant reduction of CO² emissions. In addition to the main building of the oxygen plant, pavilions were also constructed intended for service premises and offices for various entities, including associations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). The area around the facility was also developed, on which pergolas, greenhouses and glazing were placed, and elements of small architecture were installed, e.g. benches and bins, and a large car park, used for various outdoor artistic events, including a summer cinema.

Revitalization activities in Czempiń also included the construction and expansion of public recreation areas (playgrounds and outdoor gyms) through the installation of infrastructure elements, e.g. playsets, swings for parents and children, swings for people with disabilities, integration merry-go-rounds, zip lines, playhouses, integration games, automatic toilets, elements of an outdoor gym, small architecture and greenery. Lighting and monitoring were also installed at the facilities.

As part of the project, the area of the so-called Zielony Rynek, a green enclave of the town, was also revitalized. The work included land development through, among others, construction of walking alleys, installation of a playground and an outdoor gym, construction of a public toilet and lighting of the area, installation of monitoring and construction of a road and parking lot, as well as equipment with elements of small architecture: benches, baskets, bicycle racks and new plantings of trees and perennials.

Construction and reconstruction of communication routes was another important task of the project. As part of the project, the surface along Nowa street was  exchanged. A one-sided sidewalk along Strumykowa on the section from Nowa to Kuczmerowicza was constructed. A sidewalk was constructed along Strumykowa on the section from Kuczmerowicza to the bridge on Olszynka. The roadway on Zielony Rynek from the Kogucik restaurant to the "Karuzela" kindergarten was paved, and new parking spaces were created. The two-sided sidewalk along Kościelna on the section from Rynek to Zielony Rynek Square was reconstructed.


Czempiń Commune


WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund.

Total value of the project: 19 137 024.96 PLN

EU contribution: 13 743 627.77 PLN

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