Project description:

The project had a comprehensive nature and covered a number of tasks in the field of public transport that is a part of the urban transport. The change of the residents’ of Chodzież awareness and habits regarding mobility in the city was the objective. The Municipality of Chodzież carried out a number of supporting the low-carbon strategy investments in order to achieve that objective and encourage local community to use public transport. There were the 5 buses (including the electric one) purchased and city public transport lines at the length of 2.308 km were rebuilt within the project. The next integral part of the investment was launching of the city bike system. The system comprises of the 6 stations that had been built: 2 big and 4 small, whereas it is equipped with 50 bikes which are at residents’ disposal. The bike paths, with the total length of 8.842 km, were rebuilt, by which integrated parking areas with parking spaces for bikes and cars were created, for the purpose of the efficient operation of the city bike system. Totally, there were 167 Bike&Ride parking spaces, 269 Park&Ride parking spaces created – including 21 reserved for disabled. The central point of the whole system is the intermodal transport interchange equipped with the Smart Interchange System. Consequently, the project has contributed to the enhancement of attractiveness, comfort and safety of travel by the public transport means, as well as to the increase of coherence and intermodality of the transport system. The positive effect of the investment on the reduction of harmful emission of carbon dioxide and on the improvement of the condition of the natural environment is also crucial.

Detailed information:


Municipality of Chodzież


WRPO 2014+ [Wielkopolska Regional Operational Programme]


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project:

16 307 493,72 PLN

EU's contribution:

12 620 132,26 PLN

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