Description of the project:

The project is to involve: purchase of low-emission buses - 11 hybrid buses, construction of an integrated transfer node located near the coach station and railway station as well as equipping selected bus stops with dynamic LED passenger information boards and ticket machines, construction of traffic lights at the intersection of Staszica Street and Górnoślaska Street, modernization of street lighting increasing its energy efficiency within two housing estates in Kalisz: Winiary and Rypinek as well as an information and promotion campaign (a set of activities aimed at encouraging the residents to limit their use of passenger cars and choosing public or non-motorized transport, namely cycling or walking during every day trips).

The project involves  activities aimed at implementing the postulates of low-emission strategies. It results from the Low-emission Economy Program established for the City of Kalisz. Its direct objective involves the improvement of the quality of air in Kalisz by developing a low-carbon public transport system. The project is to develop awareness of the city residents that a passenger car is not necessary to travel around Kalisz in a comfortable, safe and efficient manner of travelling. The initiative is to result in a wider use of public transport than before and to increase the significance of cycling and walking within the city. Consequently, the objective is to reduce the air pollution caused by emission, noise reduction and decreasing transport congestion and improvement of road safety.

Detailed information:


The City of Kalisz

Partner project – The City of Kalisz is the leader of the project and Oświetlenie Uliczne i Drogowe Sp. z o.o. is the co-implementer


WRPO 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project:

PLN  41,092,843.09

EU contribution:

PLN 30,935,248.45

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