Project description:

The aim of the project was the construction of the “Tulce Reservoir” in the Kleszczewo Commune in Poznan County (Wielkopolska Region). A surface water retention reservoir was created in the Męcina River valley. The damming of water in the river occurred as a result of the construction of an earthen head dam with an overflow and outlet structure, located approximately 70 m above the Tulce - Środa road. The area occupied by the reservoir is 21.57 ha, including the water surface area of 15.97 ha, maximum capacity of 242,000 m3, flood retention of 66,800 m3. The average depth is approximately 1.52 m, at the maximum point after damming the depth will be 3.80 m.

The investment is the result of a series of analyses and is aimed at eliminating the problem of water deficit, experienced especially in areas of local, intensive agriculture.

Necessary actions indicating the need for surface water retention were provided in the Diagnosis of the condition of the Kleszczewo Commune, it stated that the commune, located entirely in the Warta River basin, is drained by its tributaries: the western part of the area is drained by the Kopla River with its tributaries, among others, the Michałówka River, and its central parts are drained by Męcina.

The project implementation involved 5 tasks:

1. Preparation of documentation related to the preparation of the project,

2. Purchase of real estate,

3. Construction works and purchase of materials,

4. Work of the contract engineer team and supervising construction works,

5. Project promotion.

The reservoir is multifunctional, which means that in addition to its basic function, which is water retention for agriculture, the reservoir will also serve recreational purposes.




WROP 2014+


European Regional Development Fund

Total value of the project:

PLN 22 066 282.73 

EU contribution:

PLN 17 995 666.52

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